Recorded in England in the summer of 1999, the Irish hard rock trio have returned with an infectious, earsplitting new record. “Suicide Pact – You First” is, according to singer Andy Cairns, “the closest thing we’ll get to making a rock and roll album in terms of feel and attitude.” The record is a killer in every sense. It’s the sound of a band redefining their sense of artistry and fun. It shows the popular aggro band at their loudest, raucous best, melding elements of all their previous outings into one glorious new whole.  


Suicide Pact You First


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1. He's Not That Kind Of Girl    
2. Wall Of Mouths    
3. Jam Jar Jail    
4. Hate Kill Destroy    
5. Big Cave In    

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6. Six Mile Water    
7. Little Tongues First    
8. Ten Year Plan    
9. God Kicks    
10. Other People's Misery    
11. Sister    
12. Hidden Track